Thursday 8 June 2017

Netball Tournament

On June the 2nd some year 6s and year 5s went to a netball tournament in Howick at the Pakuranga Netball Centre. We played about 6-7 games against other schools. The first team we versed was Mayfield School and the score was 8 nill but we won. I was the captain for netball and Elizabeth was the co captain.The boys came 5th and the girls came 2nd we only lost by 1 point against East-Tamaki school.The game was fun and exciting. The game was about having fun not winning.

By Tayge


Weta Project

Awesome visitor.
We had a man named Josh come  to room 18 to teach us how to design a weta house. We are learning all about weta. Before we started off the weta houses we learnt about the design process and had a go making our own tool boxes that could hold 25 tools. I designed a bag that has pocket to put your tools in and there is a little pocket which is see through to see your nails and other small bits. Josh showed us a machine that they had designed that gives air to breathe and it is easy to put together. I had a lot of fun so I hope we see him again.

By Tim

20170526_094311.jpgA guy named Josh came to our classroom and talked about his job. He works at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. We were designing a toolbox that has 25 tools and is light and is able to be carried.

Josh came around and looked at our plans, and he said my groups idea was a very fantastic idea. We were designing a briefcase design for tools.

Next time he comes to our class, we will be designing weta houses and getting his feedback!

By Alana