Wednesday 22 June 2016

Wig Wednesday

Mrs Northey had mohawk buns
Today was WIG WEDNESDAY! Students were encouraged to come to school wearing a wig or do their hair fancy as if it were a wig. We did this to raise money for child cancer. The school managed to raise over $600, which is awesome! Check out some of our crazy hair do's!
Xeria's blue hair!
Carmen's creative real hair wig!

Our rock 'n' rollers: Owen & Henley

Helena rocking her wig!

The 3 clowns: Penina, Savannah and Patricia

My Teacher

Mrs Northey

Of all the teachers in Dawson primary school there is one that has very good art skills. It is Mrs Northey. She is very good at art. I wish I could be like her. She is my teacher too. We do lots of art in our class it is very creative too. If you ever need help on your art go to Mrs Northey.

Story Time!!

What's Happening in Room 18

In Room 18 we were reading some Roald Dahl books, such as the BFG and The Witches. They are wonderful books. We read the BFG first then The Witches.

The BFG was about a Big Friendly Giant (that's what BFG stands for). The story told about the BFG being friends with a little girl named Sophie. She is a girl who lost her parents when she was little. 

Anyway, The Witches is about lots of witches turning children into mice because if they had a shower or they're clean, the witches would smell them as dogs droppings. The witches had a poison called the mouse maker and i forgot the last bit. The character's names are Bruno Jenkins and the main character's boys name was never told. The witches turn Bruno Jenkins and the boy into mice. The boy and bruno jenkins live like that forever, but then the boy and the Grandma turn all of the witches in England into mice forever. 
And that's how they saved the world!

Room 18's Story time

In room 18 we were reading a book called 'The Witches' written by Roald Dahl. It is a nice story and we are now going to do some writing and art  about it. It is going to be displayed around our class (room 18) if you guys want to see our art, come to Room 18 in another week!

Adidas Timberlands

I love shoes and I dream of getting lots of them. I have seen lots of cool shoes and I will tell you of some of my favourite shoes that I dream of getting. There are Music shoes, Nike Free and other awesome shoes.

Rainbow's End

In the holiday me and my family went to Rainbows End.
The first ride was the pirate ship.
It was funny because my cousin was crying on it and they're about 19 years old. 

The second ride was the fear fall, which was pretty scary.
The first time I went on I didn't know if i was going to survive.

The third ride was the scorpion karts.
I drove so fast that I overlapped my cousin.

My School Weekend

On my school weekend, I am going to go to Jump for my cousins 6th birthday. On her birthday we are going to take some KFC with pork chops. For my cousin's present we are getting her a new trampoline, because she loves bouncing on stuff.

My time in the hoildays

On the  holidays  me and my family went to Kauria for the holiday and the food over there was very yummy, by the time me and my family got there my mum got me some Nikes shoes from the shop in Kaitaia - mean!

Weekend at Nana's

On the weekend I went to my Nana's house. We played some games and had a feed. Me and my brothers and cousin went to the park to play rugby.

What an awesome weekend!

The Water Cycle

Hello my name is Penina and I am going to talk about the water cycle and how much water you waste when you leave the tap running.

When you are brushing your teeth for two minutes while leaving the tap running you are wasting four liters a day. What a waste! Now think of all the kids that are thirsty they can really use the water that you are wasting.

So...turn the tap off while you brush your teeth!

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to my aunty's house with me, my brother, my dad, and my mum. We went to go see my cousin Gracie, who lives in Australia but she came to visit us. 

Me and my brother stayed there for one night. I played on the computer but it's huge: a 32 inch T.V! My cousin and my brother played on the playstation 4. They played Call of Duty. We had potato bake for dinner. It was yummy.

Creative Writing

Mr Horrible Slob

Mr Horrible Slob eats a lot of gross food, like slugs with gooey slime and spiders with black bodies. He has a lot of unhealthy food and he is lazy like a slob. His size is gigantic and huge, and his body is like an enormously fat balloon. He has his cheeks pierced and it makes him look like a clumsy monkey.


On the weekend me and my family went to Otara. We went because I was going to play netball. My family was so proud of me even though we lost 24/5.

World War One

I enjoy reading about World War One. I learnt that during WWI, also known as the Great War, Britain, France, Italy, Russia and Germany were involved. It was In world war one it was hard to survive.


Hello, my name is Kalaye, I am going to tell you about my life.
 I like playing soccer and I am 9 years old. When I grow up I want to be a you tuber and a scientist too. I like eating kfc, Mcdonald's, Burger King and Carl's Junior. I am scared of scary movies and people who walk threw the hallway at night.

my weekend

My Weekend...

Image result for 21 key

On the weekend, my family and I went to my aunty's house for her 21st birthday.

We went to my dad's family to tell them to follow dad there.

It was a great birthday party!

By Ciprein