Sunday 30 October 2016

An Unexpected Visitor!

Last week, during a routine lesson, Mrs Northey was interrupted by an unexpected prickly visitor shuffling along the deck between R17 & R18...a hedgehog!

Mrs Northey tried to coax it into Fogavai's spacious shoe, but it was too frightened. Instead, Helena sacrificed her jumper and Mrs Northey wrapped the spiky fella in a cocoon of material. Gently lifting 'Prickle' (as we named him) up, we took him/her to Whaea Tepura to ask advice. We learnt a few things during this time:
* Hedgehogs love eating snails and slugs, which means they are friends to our gardens.
* Bread and/or milk is not okay for them to eat - it will make them very sick!

We decided to place Prickle in the butterfly garden because it had a higher chance of not being trampled on by students at morning tea time. Room 18 enjoyed patiently watching Prickle surface from the confines of Helena's jumper. He took one sniff of the rotting pear we provided him then scampered off into the flax bushes.

Good luck little guy!
Mrs Northey 

Of all the teachers in Dawson primary there is one that has art skills and has a very good sense of humour her name is Mrs Northey and she teaches in room 18.

Mrs Northey is a pinkish peachy coloured skin person. She has reddish hair that she sometimes leaves hanging and sometimes does up in a ponytail. She wears black glasses that makes her look intelligent but other times she doesn't wear them.

To be continued....



Isabella is the most gorgeous woman with pretty brown skin and she is as friendly as a pug. She is slender as a stick with beautiful brown curly hair. Then Johnnivy came, her boyfriend was happy and Isabella was surprised to see him. she turned around she knew, she was super excited then a big SPLASH!!! Johnnivy was gone Isabella was worried so much she faints dramatically whats  going to happen next.

Perfect Pancakes

"Yum!!" I shouted as I drooled at the puffy delicious pancakes with golden syrup. As I bit the pancakes I felt like my taste buds were in Wonderland. I got a growling because I was eating like a pig, but it was worth it. The puffy delicious pancakes made my saliva come out and drip down onto my plate.

strange town

       strange town 

It was an ordinary night, but this was no ordinary town this was strange town. This town had swirly trees and wonky houses. This town looked haunted. All you could see are houses that look like apartments and darkness. There were hardly any people but there were some people that looked like shadows. They would evenly blend into the foggy bright green outer place. There was only one yellow light and some shadow people watching shows. The water flowing through the stream was a peculiar green colour.

How mysterious.....

Glass House

It was a ordinary day at the glass house where a lady owned it. It was a working house. The lady was packing up her business. When she finished packing up she said "lights out". When the lights went of she saw a shadow. She turned the lights on again and saw nothing. On,of,on,of,on until one more time of. The ghost grabbed her face from behind her and dragged her to the sea which was placed directly next to the glass house. From that day forward no one ever heard of Jo Northey again.

Monday 17 October 2016

The Headless Horse

During the day everything was quiet. It came alive at night. The headless horse rider comes every night to burn children and steals the town's gold for his collection of treasure. He always came at night because the people thought he was a myth or a legend and he carried a hacksaw.

The town people called  him The Headless Horse Rider because he had no head and someone thought he was riding a horse but they were mistaken. The headless horse rider actually walked through the burning town that was Strange Town. Eventually, he was finally set free from his curse and he went to heaven.

The end.


A dolphin is a mammal that lives under water.
A dolphin is a mammal that has a dorsal fin, a 
blowhole,a melon shaped forehead,a tail,blubber,
flippers and a beak. Dolphins live in oceans,seas
and lakes. Dolphins eat mackarel or mullet,
crustaceans (cralos),fish animal plankton,plant
plankton and squids. A dolphin is pregnant for 
twelve months. The calves can swim straight away
Dolphins have calves every two to four years.
Flippers are used for steering and for
communicating by touch. Dolphins use click
like sounds mainly to hunt for their prey. They
also whistle and squeak. Dolphins are kind sea
animals that look out for each other. They are
good at swimming and you would be lucky to see 

The Glass House

Stomp! Stomp!wondering around town looking at the wonderful,colorful lights.Seeing the humongous bridge and the long sky tower.Wondering around. Oh!! look at that cool as glass house with the colorful lights.I tried opening the doors and it opened.I went in and there were lots of lamps.I kept looking around and I saw a tree that was colorful with heaps of bugs that light up.Then I sat there for a while staring at all of the lights.My mum came running what is this place?I said to her its a beautiful glass house.WOW!! my mum said.We kept looking around for a while.We left and from that day we would come every night and look at it.This  was the best thing I have ever seen.I don't want to leave it never ever in my life.