Monday, 11 August 2014

Daffy The Goose

It was our turn to do cooking and gardening and that's when I saw her, Daffy the goose. She was shy and I was scared. I was so scared I thought she was going to bite my fingers off. But then I was not felling scared and I'm sure she was not felling scared too. I tried to pat her on the back and she let me but she kept running away. Next I gave her some apples that she could feast on. She was just ripping them apart, I pretty sure she liked them.

Then Miss Karaka wanted to pat the goose too but she was also scared.

Next I gave her some water and and then I drummed for her. She jumped out of her compost box and wanted to play hide and seek. Maybe she didn't want to listen to my drumming?

During the Holidays

In  the holidays my sister Vika and I were playing with my cousin and we went to the  park. When we were there we had so much fun. Then we had to go home because my mum called us to to go and eat. We finished the day with a birthday cake because it was her birthday. It was delicious.

By Siale.


A crocodile is a reptile that use to live when the dinosaurs were alive. They are very, very, very uncanny.

A crocodile has very terrifying teeth. They have rough bumpy scales that go up to their tail. Crocodiles have short stumpy legs and a long green snout.

Crocodiles love living in fresh water. You usually find crocodiles in lakes or swamps. They also live in countries such as Africa, America and Australia. In New Zealand you will have to go to the zoo to see one.

Crocodiles eat tasty meat. They can clean the flesh off the bones from animals they eat. Crocodiles are very suspicious because when they go hunting for food they camoflague themselves in the green long grass.

I think that crocodiles are very mean and disgusting.

By Ioana.

A crocodile is a reptile. It use to live many many years ago with the dinosaurs. They are very creepy.

What do crocodiles look like?
A crocodile has very sharp teeth. They have rough bumpy legs .
They also have disgusting scales. It has a long snout.

Where do crocodile live?
If you want to see a crocodile you can go to fresh water such as a swamp , river , stream or lakes.
You can also find crocodiles in Countries such as America, Africa, and Australia. If you want to see a crocodile in New Zealand you would most likely see them at the zoo.

Crocodiles are very dangerous.

You should stay far, far, far away from them .

Room 18

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are a reptile, also known as the Komodo Monitor. It is the largest species of lizard ever found.

Komodo Dragons have a rough sandpaper like skin. Its four stumpy legs help it sprint after its prey. Their teeth are long and thick. Its muscular tail helps it balance when it is moving.The claws of a Komodo Dragon are curved so it can grip on to the ground.

Thousands or maybe millions of years ago, Komodo dragons used to live in Australia but they died out. Nowadays, if you want to  find Komodo dragons you have to travel to the small island of Borneo. If you want to find Komodo dragons somewhere else you may be lucky to find them at the zoo.

Komodo dragons kill prey with bacteria. When they eat, bits of flesh are left in their teeth and rots leaving bacteria in their mouth. If a Komodo dragons prey survives it will die later on due to an infection in its wound. Its claws grip onto flesh which helps Komodo dragons to tackle its prey to the ground.

I think Komodo dragons are fascinating but I'm glad they don't live in New Zealand.

By Zac

Fly Lizards

                                                                 DRACO LIZARDS                                         Fly lizards are just like dragons but smaller. These fly lizards don't really fly, they glide. Their actual name is Draco also known as mini dragons.

Draco lizards have long thin skin flaps under their arms, the rest of their body has rough scales and are very tiny. Draco lizards also have a  long skin flap piece under their chin.

Draco lizards mainly live in the rain forests of southeast Asia.

Draco lizards can grow up to 8 inches long, they can also glide up to 30 feet in the air. Their gliders are also known as their wings.

These reptiles are really special so I don't think you should kill them. They really do look like dragons.