Tuesday 25 August 2015

The Best Gift I Ever Had

My best gift I got was my parents.
I got this gift from god.
He gave this to me so I could feel happy.
I like this gift because they look after me.
I got this gift when I was born.
I will treasure it always.

The Best Gift I Ever Recieved

My best present I ever received was a Maori necklace from my Grandad. He gave it to me so I could remember him and my culture. I got it before my grandad passed away.  It is a green stone necklace like the one below. By Drago

My Gest Gift

My best gift I ever recieved was a dog because I wanted a dog my whole life. The person who gave it to me was my older brother, he gave it to me so it could guard our house when we are gone. Another reason he gave the dog to me was so we could play with it if we were bored and lonely. It is a half pit bull and half american bulldog. It was a puppy when we got it. It's light brown and the eyes are light brown too. When we first got it we fed it and when we fed it, it was eating so much dog food and straight away it started to lick. me That's when I knew it liked me. I got it when i was 5 years old.

The best gift you ever recieved

The best gift I ever recieved was my family. God was the person who gave them to me. God gave them to me because he loves me. I love them so much because they do anything for me. My dad is tall like a giant, my mum is as beautiful as a rose. I love them.

The beast gift you ever recieved

The beast gift that i got was a super strechy alien slime ball. The person who gave it to me was my friend Jerome from my old school. The reason why he gave it to me was because he had just come back from New York City.I liked my present so much beacuse it came from someone special.It looked like vomet but it smellet like roses and it could streach as long as a snake. I got it when I was 8 and I was year 3 then.
By Skye


The best present I ever got was a tablet and an ipad.

The person that gave it to me was my step mum because it was my 9th birthday. She knew that I really wanted one so I was lucky to get one.



The colour of my tablet is grey and it is a round tablet. The size of my ipad was big and the color of my ipad is grey also.

Best Gift I Ever Received

The best gift I received was a tablet.I got it because I had to do a dance in Australia so I could get the tablet.I love tablets because you get to play games and if you have the internet you get to go on websites. My tablet is black but it has no cover.You would love to go on fun websites and love to download epic games if you had a tablet like me. I got my tablet last year when I left NZ and guess what... I can no longer use it because I forgot my password.
By Fusi

Best Gift I Ever Received

The best gift that I received was a tablet from my dad. I got it because it was my birthday. I like tablets because you can play a lot of games. My tablet is black and it has a black cover. You can go on websites or download games. I got it on August the 24th on Monday. By Gene.

All about me

Hi my name is Xeria and I am nine years old. My birthday is in March and I was born in 2006. I have a vast family and all my aunties  are  in the South Island because they do not like the North Island. I live with my dad and my stepmother in the north island because my dad and my stepmother. I enjoy coming to Dawson School.

Sunday 9 August 2015

A trip to the Zoo

Yesterday the years 5&6 went on a trip to the Zoo to investigate fingerprints of different type of animals .The first thing we did was we got split in to four groups and we went on the bus to go to the Zoo.When we got there we walked in and all of the year 5&6s  came together on a little field we talked about whats gonna happen during school time.Then we got to walk around the Zoo and take a look at all the animals and what they look like.But when we got to the alligator I got scared and I didn't want to cross the bridge but it was sleeping so I walked as fast as I could and I tried not to look at it.Then we went to see the elephant and then there were heaps of chickens walking around.

At the Auckland zoo

On Monday we went to the Auckland zoo.There were three bus's for the year fives and sixes .It nearly took one hour because there was a lot of traffic,but finally we made it to the zoo.

We hade to wait for a little while. When we got in the zoo we  were excited but we had to go to our meeting spot.When we found our meeting spot we could go any where.

At the zoo

Yesterday a bus  dropped us to the Auckland zoo.I was with Miss Malia's  groupFirst we went to see the red panda and then we went to the toilet. After we went toilet we went to see the tigers and the tigers were sleeping.Then we went to see the monkeys and then saw the tarantula and it was scary but the legs were out  and  the body was in. Then after all the animals we saw  we went to wait with all the class for the bus to arrive.  

Zoo trip

Hi my name is John. on August the 3rd I went on a trip to the Zoo I was really excited to go there to see lots of incredible species over at the Zoo. Mostly I wanted to see the tigers because my favourite animal is a tiger and I like them because they have stripes and they're experts at hunting. I was so tired with sweat on my forehead because of I had a very long adventure, that's why I was drinking so much cold water. I liked the water so much that I wanted to stay there drinking   all day long. But mostly thank you for the parents that came here because we've never would've been there if it wasn't for the parents that came. 



On monday the 3rd of August the year 5's , 6's and me (Leilani) went to the auckland zoo!!!. I was so excited because me and my family went to the zoo when I was only little like my other brothers and sisters.It was so fun when we arrived there because we got to see some cute animals, see my BFF Gene running away from the chickens cause she is a chicken and also I loved to see the big Elephant that was fake because when I was at the zoo we took a lot of photos under the Elephant.

The Zoo Trip

Yesterday the year five's and six's went to the Auckland Zoo.My mum was a parent helper, she led the team to see the animals that was Me,Gene,Leilani,Dante,Riley and John.I've learnt that Rats, Mice, Hedgehogs and Stoats are pests, they kill native animals like a Gecko,Skink and a Weta.

The zoo trip

Yesterday we went on a trip to the Auckland  zoo. My favourite thing was a tiger. They were lovely because of how they sleep

We went when it was Monday because we wanted to see the animals which was a tiger.



 When we got there we went to line up to go inside, everyone was happy. I was the most I couldn't wait to go inside. 


After that we went back to school we all loved it. I loved it the most even our teacher did.

The trip to the zoo

Yesterday the year 5 and 6s went on a trip to the zoo including room 18.

We got split into 4 groups, each group had an adult with them.We only had one parent helper Fusi's mum.The other groups had Mrs  Evans,Miss Malia or Miss Davis.I was with Miss Davis so was Navneet,Aaliyah,Matairea,Theresa and Israr.

The trip to the zoo

Yesterday we went to The zoo and with all the year 5 and 6. My favorite animal was the tiger. First we went to see the monkeys. They were swinging on the ropes. The monkeys were funny because the way they were playing and we saw the baby monkey.  Then we went to go see the meerkat and we went to go play on the park.  We played for are little while and then saw the most agressive animal which was the Tasmanian devil and then we went to those monkeys that were fighting on the rope. And then we had lunch cause Miss Evans kept on wanting to go to the toilet.  My group was Denarius, Drago, me, Beverlyn, Wanika,  Miss Evans and also Papehia. from jonathan

Having fun at the zoo

Yesterday room 18 and the rest of year 5and6 went on the trip to the zoo to learn about tracking animals. We got split up in 6 groups Sky, Naveet, Matairea, Theresa, Israr and Aaliyah we were with Miss Davis we went to see the lions first they were sleeping.

At The Zoo

On Monday the year 5 & 6's our teachers split us up into groups . I was in Mrs Evans Group! :) Yay!! and I was with Denarius , Drago , Jonathan , Wanika & Beverlyn ... then year 5 & 6's sat on the court to wait for the bus's to come . when the bus's came we all stood up and got on the bus then we were going on a trip to Auckland zoo . On the bus we were all talking and the bus driver put on some old school songs... When we got to the Auckland zoo we had to wait for the other bus's since we were the first ones there . After when the other bus's came I was EXCITED!!! to see animals for the first time . We all were at a grassy place and a lady said "Who is excited to see animals today" . We all put our hands up!! . Then we all went out own ways first my group  Mrs Evans said "Are any of you guy's hungry " and I said "YES!!" . I ate some of my lunch and then we were going.

Trip At The Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo and the first few things we saw was the meerkats,  then the angry tigers and then the huge elephants. The most aggressive animal there was the Tasmanian devil.

All ABOUT The Zoo

On Monday the 3rd of Augst the year 5's and 6's went to the zoo for a trip. Year 5's and 6's went on 3 bus because they'er to many of as. When we got there we went to see some cool animals. It was fun and me and my friend Matairea was feeding the birds and it was cool going through the tunnels.

The trip to the zoo

Hi my name is Jaydyn and yesterday room 18 and the rest of year 5 and 6s went on a trip to the zoo to learn about tracking animals.

We got split in to 4 groups.I was in miss Malia's team and we went to see all the interesting animals.We went to see the red pandas first

                                                                        The zoo
Yesterday we went to the zoo with room 18 and year 5 and 6. I saw the tiger and monkey  at the zoo and I liked the zoo. I saw the  crocodile and  walked  around the zoo.And we were with  Miss Davis. 


All about me

Hi my name is Drago. I am 9 years old. I am from a place called Auckland. I am Maori. I got five sister's and 4 brothers. My brothers names are Chevy, Junior, Robby and precious and my five sisters names are Constance, Carla, Nubby, Jaky and Chevelle.

At the zoo

Yesterday room 18 and year 5 and 6 went to a trip to the zoo and we saw red pandas and a zebra. We had lunch break first then we had a look at the tigers and lions. And we saw some massive elephants also emus then tasmanin devils and meerkats.  My group was me Xeria Fred Jahlio and Hariata and the adult was Miss Malia. Then we saw a monkey doing parkour 

Monday 3 August 2015


At  the garden we found vegetables that tasted like mint. And then we were rotating, then we were making flags also we picked out plants next to the shed. And we were very hot because we were in the very hot sun we had a pretty good time.

cooking and gardenig

Some of room 18 went to cooking and some went to gardening. I went to cooking as soon as I got in the kitchen me and my team got the chopping boards  out and then started to get the veges out and then put the veges on the chopping board, secondly I got the knifes out and then started to chop the veges.

Then started to turned  the power on for the pan then we put the veges in the pan and then got the pastry then got a bowl of water. Then we started to put the veges on the pastry  and put it on the pan then slowly started to clean up then waited for the dumplings to

 cook. Then we started to set the table we had lemon to drink Fusi did a thanking for the people who helped us cook then Navneet did a karakia .

cooking and gardening

At cooking we were cooking dumpling it was yum eating dumpling. I was in marryan 
We tasted the chilly sauce . I didn't like 
chilly sauce because it burns my tongue. After that I ate my dumplings it  tasted really nice.

Cooking and gardening

Dawson school does cooking and gardening. Every Tuesday when we do  cooking we cook for our class only and the people that were cooking they cooked dumplings for us and we loved it. After that we went back to class for lunch but we did love cooking and the dumplings, even our teacher loved the dumpling and so did I it was fun.

When we did gardening I was so happy.When I got there we did lots of thing but when we had to go to cooking there was a lot of people and plates.  Inside our cups there was water, it was fun at gardening I loved it when I went gardening.

cooking and gardning

Today we went to cooking and gardening. We had dumplings with sauce it was nice and dumpling is my favorite. While we were doing gardening my group was learning about spinach and other foods. We put the dumplings in the yum sauce and we also had lemon drink.I t was pretty nice but I didn't like because it was a bit yucky from Jonathan.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Cooking and Gardening

At Cooking and Gardening today I was at Gardening helping to plant a special plant. It was fun running around weeding and playing. My group was all the boys that were in there but Dartagnan was running around too much.I had a great time.

cooking and gardening

At cooking we did dumplings and dipping sauce and the recipe we used was cabbage salad and for the     dipping sauce we used lemon and chilly sauce and the black sauce and sugar.The people who were in the kitchen was me Riley and Navneet and Theresa and Shogun.by riley

coooking and gardening

At cooking we were cooking  dumpling it was  yum  eating dumplings  I was in  Marryans    group. We tasted  the  chilly sauce . I didn' t like chilly sauce because it  burns my tounge.  How we made chilly sauce and dumpling 1 we cut  vegetable in half. After that we put the vegetable in the bowl . After that we put the bowl on table. We  started  to cook the vegetable. We mixed the vegetable.

Cook And Gardening

At cooking I cooked dumplings and we dip it in dipping sauce with half of my class room 18.
We have to cut them very little and juice some nice lemons for our dink.
It tasted nice, if you go cooking and gardening ask them if you can cook it.

Cooking And Gardening

Today we went to gardening while the other half of the class went cooking. The stuff we were doing was wonderful stuff at the garden. We were pulling out the weeds of the plant beds.The next thing we did was gathering up soil and watering the plants to grow in 4 months. 

Jaydyn and skyes day

 Hi i am Jaydyn and today at cooking and gardening me and the cooking group made some delicious pot stick dumplings.This is all the ingredients we used sweet chilly,water,broccoli,cabbage and lots of other vegetables. This is also the drink we made it was made of lemons and mixed with water.'

 Hi i am Skye and today at cooking and gardening me and the gardening group planted some seeds they where cabbage seeds. First we put the soil in the little container then we put the seeds in and covered them with some more soil and at last we watered them so that they can grow.later on we went too Lizz to get all the weeds out of the gardens most of the time me and Hariata where getting the worms out of the signs it was yak and gross.

cooking and gardening

Hi my name is Hariata. I went to cooking  and gardening today. My group was in the garden and the other  people were in the kitchen. The instructor was  telling us all about what we were having, some dumplings. After that  Cinamon put us in to groups I was with Cinamon, we did some harvesting we harvested some  red silver beet  and garlic chives. And I took it to the kitchen.and then I did some  some planting.  We planted  cabbage  and then we did some weeding  with Louise and we did around rhubarb plant  and I ate  an  asparagus and then we went to the kitchen and Navneet did a prayer and Fusi said thank you and then we ate the delicious dumpling.


Hi my name is John I was doing gardening at school it was very fun and simple to do. There were a lot of worms and plants. I liked it when we actually get to search for some tools and start digging up some vegetables.When i look at every ones faces they always have to be a huge smile on there faces everytime. When we have a fulled up bucket we took it all the way to the kitchen. When we take it to the kitchen we all get together like a family and gobble all the healthy delicous food into our mouths. Don't forget there is also water and lemonade to spill in your mouth.

Cooking and Gardening

Every 2nd Tuesday we go to cooking and gardening today group 1 made dumplings.Group 2 were in the garden weeding and planting seeds.When we finished we went to wash our hands and we had to take off our shoes because it was very muddy.Then Navneet said the prayer and Fusi said thank you to the cookers and the gardeners.Then the cookers served out dumplings and dipping sauce it was very tasty.Every time we finish cooking and gardening Mrs Evans always leaves 4 people to stay behind and clean the kitchen.


Today we went to cooking and gardening.I was gardening.The cookers was cooking vege dumplings.We had to harvest garlic chives and we did some planting and weeding.I had fun at cooking and gardening the cookers made some lovely food.

from Dante.


At cooking we had to split into groups in the kitchen. We made dumplings and it tasted delicious. The lady the kitchen that helped us cook the dumplings was marryan and she was a great teacher at cooking