Monday 24 March 2014

Writing Competition

League in Libraries

Ever wanted to be the author of your own book? Well, now is your chance!

During week 9 the children in Room 18 will work with their learning buddies to write their very own book. There is just one catch, it needs to include the 'Vodafone Warriors'.

Don't know much about the Vodafone Warriors or you want to learn more about them?

This is a link to the Vodafone Warriors website where you can do some background research. This might help you and your learning buddy to come up with some ideas that you might use in your story

This is a link to all the players and their individual profiles. Here you may choose one of the players as your main character or you might even choose a few players to appear in your story.

What could your book be about? Here are just a few ideas to get you started...
*Warriors as children
*Warriors family tales
*The unknown Warrior
*Game Day
*Warriors at the Library
*Warriors in the Neighbourhood
*The Warriors Rescue
*The big day out
*Warriors adventure

-Your final story needs to be written or typed but does not need to be presented as a book
-One overall winning story from all the entries will be published in to a book
-8 winning classes will get the chance to win the Vodafone Warriors

Get cracking and good luck!

Miss Karaka signing off

Thursday 20 March 2014

Miss Maika

Tuesday 10 March 2014

Miss Maika comes into Room 18 and takes a group of reliable people outside on the deck. The reason why Miss Maika comes into Room 18 is because she helps the students with reading, writing or maths. For example she helps children to become faster at their basic facts by getting them to practice. Miss Maika is a helpful teacher.   

Working with Miss Maika

Working with Miss Maika

Today we were with Miss Maika. The things we did with Miss Maika were learning our division and multiplication. It was so much fun working with her because she is cool and funny but at the same time she helps us to grow and learn. The reason why Miss Maika is funny is because she always makes fun in anything we do. Miss Maika is nice and kind to us every time she comes to help. Thank-you Miss Maika for teaching us our division and our multiplication and all the other stuff you help us with too.

Saturday 15 March 2014



Today we were playing softball on the field.

Some people were learning how to bat and bunt for our games on Wednesday. Mr Pattison is our coach. Good luck girls and boys who are going to the tournament, Go Dawson!

 By Courage

Colour poem

Sunday 10 March


Red smells like fresh roses

Red taste like yummy apples

Red feels like a volcano erupting

Red looks like heart-shaped chocolate

Red sounds like a heart beat

By serenity

Monday 10 March 2014

Gorilla facts

Here is a cool website to learn about gorillas.

Click on this link: Gorilla Facts

Exciting News!

Exciting News!

Friday 7 March

Today I was looking at the newspaper and I saw a picture from our Waiheke trip. It was exciting because the picture which featured in the article was my friend Mercy. I can't wait until Monday so I can tell her and everyone else.

Click on this link to read the article: Waiheke Clean Up

By Serenity

Sunday 9 March 2014

Colour Poem

Thursday 6 March 2014


Pink smells like a fresh rose,

Pink tastes like delicious candy floss,

Pink feels like gooey paint,

Pink looks like a slimy worm,

Pink sounds like a squealing pig.

Acrostic Poem

Room18 is the master mind
On our blog you will discover our greatness
Our teacher is pretty choice
Miss Karaka is her name
1 thing we must always remember
8 teen is the place to be!

By Amethyst

Thursday 6 March 2014

Dawson School

Dawson school is a good learning school. There is cool stuff to learn at our school. Our school motto is Learn Today and Lead Tomorrow. If you are lucky you might go on awesome trips. Want to look at some of the trips Dawson children go on? Just click on the trips icon on Room 18's blog. Hope you enjoy our fantastic blog.

By Amethyst     

Acrostic Poem-Dayton

Thursday 6th March 2014

Dayton likes playing rugby

Action movies are awesome

Yoghurt is my most delicious snack

Town is the nicest place I like to go

Octopus is my favourite animal

Numbskulls is my favourite book

Waiheke Trip

Thursday 6 March

WALT write a recount in the correct order

Waiheke Trip

On Monday most of the year 6's went to Waiheke.

On the trip they had to go on a bus to the ferry terminal because they were going on a ferry. When they were on the ferry the year 6 students thought it was so cool because the sea was beautiful and they could see Rangitoto.

After that they went on a double decker bus to the beach so they could pick up rubbish.

Lastly they went back on the ferry which took them back to Half Moon Bay. From there they caught the bus and arrived back at school.

All the year 6 students had a great day.

By Tanginoa and Serenity

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Learning To Blog

Wednesday 5th  March

Today we are learning to blog. We are learning step by step together as a class. We hope you enjoy looking at our blog.