Tuesday 15 September 2015

Hyperbole Cafe

Welcome to our restaurant 

Where everything's gigantic.

A hundred waiters hold one dish

Our kitchen can get frantic.

Our soup is deeper than the sea

Our noodles stretch a mile.

The bread is longer than a train

It's sure to make you smile.

We pile our peas up mountain high

One cookie hides the moon.

We pour our iced tea into boats

We hope you'll visit soon.


I like singing

 Low singing,high singing,

Loud singing,quiet singing

I like singing.

Singing in a church,singing  at a show

 I like singing.


I like Nikes
Running Nikes, Walking Nikes
Cool Nikes, Blue Nikes
I like Nikes.

Nikes in the store, Nikes on my feet
I love Nikes.


I like pancakes.
Brown pancakes, White pancakes,
Yucky pancakes, yummy pancakes,
I like pancakes.

Pancakes in a pan,
Pancakes in my tummy,
I like pancakes.


Red looks like a blazing fire,

Red sounds like an erupting volcano,

Red tastes like sweet juicy tomatoes,

Red feels like the burning sun.


I like books
I really do
Books with stories
And pictures, too.

Books of birds
And things that grow
Books of people
We should know.

Books of animals
and places, to,
I like books
I really do.

Tree House Tools

Had a hammer on my belt loop,

But couldn't find the nails.

Set the hammer down to find them,

Now it's lost. It never fail!

And, in looking for the hand saw,

I have nothing left to cut.

I misplaced the lumber somehow...

Seems I'm really in a rut!

Can't believe how long it's taking

Or how much it's going to cost.

But my hands will build this tree house -

They're the only tools not lost!

Friday 11 September 2015


The Easter bunny
is bouncing along 
  with a basket of eggs
       full of brim
               marshmallow and chocolate
                   hollow one too
                        in pretty tin foil
                    for me and for you

Sunday 6 September 2015

Horse adventures

One Sunday me and my koro went on a horse treak. We drove to the farm.

When we arrived at the farm there was an old lady, she was a nice lady. She gave instructions to us then when she finished giving instructions we started to saddle up our horses.

When I finished saddling up my horse I went for a wonder around on my horse waiting for my koro to finish saddling his horse.

We went through the bush and through some water when riding our horses.

I always have fun with my koro.

Fast and Furious seven

Last weekend I went to the movies with my step mum and cousins. 

 Before we went inside we went to pay for our tickets and purchase our food which was, popcorn and chocolate dipped ice cream and for our drinks we had juice.

The movie that I went to go and watch was Fast and Furious 7. The part of the movie I loved was when Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were on the car and they were going to different places and they could not use the breaks so they had to jump off the car, it was intense.

I really enjoyed the movie because of all the stunts.

New York

Five years ago myself, dad and my brother went on a vaccation to New York.

First, we went to my dads friends house. His name is David. He asked us if we wanted to stay with him. We said, "Yes  please and thank you!"

Next, we went to taste different foods. They had sweet foods and spicy foods. It tasted delectable. Also, their lollies were nice but some were spicy. My favourite food was the spicy food.

I had lots of fun sight seeing, especially the big bridges.

Rainbows End

On day in August this this year I went to Rainbows End.  I went with my mum, aunty, cousin and brother.

First we went on the stratosfear, it was scary. Then  we went to the bumper cars. After that we went to this movie ride where  we watched  a snake using 3D glasses. It was fun because the chair was moving, I almost fell off.

After a while we were beginning to feeel hungry. Lucky my aunty made chopswey and we muched it back quickly before running around for more rides.

Rainbows End is a fun place.


One summer in 2012 we went to Waiwera. I went with my family because I was on fire, it was hot.

First I got a floaty and I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep. My dad came up and pushed me off it.

After that we went on the humungous slides. Me and my dad went on the biggest ride. The biggest ride was a green criss cross ride. I t went super fast.

I had a great day of fun, relaxing and cooling off.



One Saturday we went to the movies. My uncle, aunty  and two cousins and I waited in line to get tickets and popcorn. 

We watched Ant Man.

After that we went to the arcade, I won 305 tickets. I played the games which had tickets. They were the basketball game and a gun game.

I had fun.

By Kuika

Bowling Bonazza

On Wednesday I went  to bowling  with my  family. 

The first game I played was a car game.  I  came 1st.

I went to play another  game, the  game I  played  was a  baskaball  game. I got 20  shots in.

After the  baskaball game I played
bowling, I was excited and had lots of fun.

The best part was when I got a stike.

My trip to the Zoo

One Monday I went to the zoo with my mum and my sister and my grandmother. I like the zoo.   

We went to go to the zoo and I liked tigers. I liked the tigers eyes and out of  all the animals my favourite is the tigers. 

I saw the hippos and I like that he was big.

Lastly I saw the elephants.

It was a good day.                                      

Birthday on the dirt track

On my 9th birthday I got a motorbike and I journeyed up North.

First my mum, sister, brother and dad gave me a motorbike and then we hit the road up North to the beach track. I was super excited.

When we got there my dad said my motorbike was a 110cc power band manual, it was fast. I zoomed across the beach, my heart was racing.

After that we went back home to eat my triple double chocolate cake. It tasted like the best chocolate cake in the world.

That was the best day of my life!


One time when it was my cousins birthday my cousins, brother, sister and my mum accompaineed me to Chimpmunks.

First when i entered chimpmunks everyone had to recieve a smiley face stamp on their hand to get in to Chimpmunks. It was loads of fun celebrating my cousins birthday party.

Next we got to play on a very mammoth bouncy castle. It was like wipeout because there were a lot of boxing hands. What we had to do was when it was punching we had to  run through it and and when we finished we slid down to score a try.

It was heaps of fun.

Movie Madness

Two years ago when it was my 7th birthday my uncle and cousins, Junior and Christiaan, accompained me to the movies.

When we journeyed to the movies we got our tickets and then we were waiting in line for our popcorn... it was boring. It was finally our turn to order! We ordered some blue bird chips, popcorn, ice cream and raspberry drinks.

After that we went up stairs to wait for our movie, we were going to watch Transformers 2. I was excited because it was my first time watching Transformers 2. The theatre was being cleaned up so we had to wait. When it was finished we went inside and it was dark withmany  people.

Later that evening my uncle said to me and my cousins, "Do you guys want some Burger King?" We said, "Yes please Uncle!" Then my uncle ordered some cheeseburgers and big macs.

It was the best day ever!