Thursday 8 June 2017

Netball Tournament

On June the 2nd some year 6s and year 5s went to a netball tournament in Howick at the Pakuranga Netball Centre. We played about 6-7 games against other schools. The first team we versed was Mayfield School and the score was 8 nill but we won. I was the captain for netball and Elizabeth was the co captain.The boys came 5th and the girls came 2nd we only lost by 1 point against East-Tamaki school.The game was fun and exciting. The game was about having fun not winning.

By Tayge


Weta Project

Awesome visitor.
We had a man named Josh come  to room 18 to teach us how to design a weta house. We are learning all about weta. Before we started off the weta houses we learnt about the design process and had a go making our own tool boxes that could hold 25 tools. I designed a bag that has pocket to put your tools in and there is a little pocket which is see through to see your nails and other small bits. Josh showed us a machine that they had designed that gives air to breathe and it is easy to put together. I had a lot of fun so I hope we see him again.

By Tim

20170526_094311.jpgA guy named Josh came to our classroom and talked about his job. He works at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. We were designing a toolbox that has 25 tools and is light and is able to be carried.

Josh came around and looked at our plans, and he said my groups idea was a very fantastic idea. We were designing a briefcase design for tools.

Next time he comes to our class, we will be designing weta houses and getting his feedback!

By Alana

Wednesday 5 April 2017

New Buddy Blogs

We now have our own individual blogs which can be found on the right hand side of our page. We will use our main page to repost some of our blog posts and share projects and things we do as a class.

We also have new blogging buddies from Marshall Laing Primary in Mt Roskill. Each student in our class is buddied up with a student from Miss Lobo's class. We are really looking forward to working with them. 

Check out some of the wonderful things we are doing 

Friday 24 March 2017

Making Ice-cream

Hi my name is Irene and I’m talking about science. The teacher for science is Whaea Tepora. This week we made ice-cream. First we put ice in a big packet then we put rock salt with the ice to keep the ice nice and cold.

Next we put cream in a small packet and added vanilla essence. After that we put the small bag of cream into the big bag then shook it for 5 minutes.  Then you have got ice-cream. You can make other flavours too by adding different ingredients.

I hope you can follow these steps - if you do then enjoy your ice-cream.    

By Irene

Wednesday 22 March 2017


These are our school values

TIKA- Means to be TRUTHFUL!


AROHA- Means to show LOVE and AFFECTION!

WHAKAWHANAUNGA- Means to show sence of whanau a relationship working together to show community values!

AHURUTANGA- Means to have a SAFE place!

These values represent our Dawson school. The children at our school show these values.

By Tristan

International Friendship Day

  International Friendship Day
Rm 18 is participating in the international friendship quest.
We made a short movie about New Zealand & about us. Many other schools around the world joined this quest as well like Australia, Taiwan, USA, South Korea etc. Remember to respect and treat people friendly!

Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 11.46.40 AM.png

Check out our video below...

By Alana