Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Student Teachers

In room 18 Mrs Levi and Mrs Kaur are observing Miss Karaka teaching room 18. They are students from the university. They are watching Miss Karaka as part of their learning. In 3 years time they will graduate and become a real teacher like Miss Karaka. I think they will make really good teachers.

By Siale

Student Teachers

Today  room 18's student teachers are leaving to go back to university where they will study to be teachers. I hope they become a good teacher when they graduate.  This week Mrs Levi and Mrs Kaur  have been in room 18 learning  different strategies to teach in a really fun, cool, and enjoyable way.  

Mrs Levi said that room 18 is the most outstanding, awesome, best group of students that she has ever met and would love to come back and visit them again! :-)

Thursday, 10 April 2014


 Hi my name is Mickey, my favourite sport is rugby and softball. My favourite rugby team is the All Blacks. I am Samoan but I was born in New Zealand. I was born on September the 25 2003, can you guess my age? My favourite play station games are Grand Thef Auto five and NBA 2k 14 .  I'm in room 21 but my teacher has gone on a trip so I had to go to room 18 for the day. Larika is teaching me how to blog.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Online Easter Games

Kiaora to my awesome class.

Easter is coming up soon and I have found some fun Easter games you might like to play online. Click on the links below to check them out!

Design your own Easter Egg:

Easter Games:

Mores Easter Fun:

Squigly's Easter Games:

I hope you enjoy Easter with your family and have a safe and happy holiday!


My name is Tumaru aka t-bone.
Wednesday the 9 of April.   
John came to help me to do my work at school.



Soft puppies

Fluffy, soft puppies

Fat, fluffy, soft puppies

Orange, fat, fluffy, soft puppies

By Larika

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

All about maths

Today we did maths and we were learning to use a range of strategies to solve a given problem.
Our first one was: Tumaru has twenty seven lollies, he buys eighteen more and then eats fourteen. How many lollies does Tumaru have left?

Here are the strategies we used:  



That was the first problem. This was the next one: Levron had thirty four trading cards. He played Dayton and lost twelve. Then he played Tanginoa and won twenty six. How many trading cards does Levron have now?

Here are the strategies we used:




Because we were able to use a range of strategies to solve each problem we were able to achieve our learning intention.

By Santana


All About Maths

Today we have been working in small groups. We have learnt to use a range of strategies to solve a given word problem. This means that we have to come up with more than one way to solve the maths equations Miss Karaka gives us.

At the end we share all the different ways we have used to figure out the equation, for example:

Adding and subtracting using tens and ones

34-12+26        45-14
30-10=20        40-10=30
4-2=2              5-4=1
26+22=48       30+1=31

Jumping the number line
27           (+3)                    30                   (+10)                      40         (+5)            45

         31          (-4)       35                 (-10)               45

By Courage

Acrostic poem


Room18 is the best

Oranges we love

Octopus is our favaurite game

Maths is our subject

1 teacher in our class

8 people are good at art.

By Nikita

Miss Karaka

My name is Miss Karaka. I am the teacher of room 18. My favourite food if pasta. My favourite colour is purple. I like to spend time with my family and I love to relax. Room 18 are working well and trying their best. I enjoy being their teacher!

Levron La'akulu

My name is Levron. I go to Dawson Primary and I am in room 18! My favourite food is KFC. My favourite colour is yellow. I love my family and I like rugby.


My name is Peter.
I like playing on the ipad and computer.
I am 10 years old.
I am in room 18 at Dawson Primary School.
I like math.


Dayton Perham

                          Hi my name is Dayton. I go to Dawson school. I am Maori. I am a handsome boy. I like to ride motor bikes. That is our student teacher, Mrs Levi photo bombing my picture.

Ationa Faira

Hi my name is Ationa Faira. My favouite food is chcolate and KFC. My all time favouite pet to have would be a horse but I love little cats too. My favouite colours are red and green.I love my family.

Macario Veikuneui

My name is Macario. I am 9 years old. I live on Kudu Road. My favourite food is pasta. My favourite class is room 18. I go to Dawson Primary School.

Tanginoa Tangi

My name is Tanginoa and I'm 10 years old.  

I am Tongan and I have two sisters and one brother.

My favourite food is butter chicken.

I really enjoy playing rugby.

I'm super fast like The Flash.

Santana Kelly

Hi my name is Santana.

My favourite colours are purple and blue.

My favourite food is butter chicken.

My favourite sport is relays.

My favourite book is Jack and the Bean Stalk.


Monday, 7 April 2014

Our Student Teachers

In room 18 we have two special student teachers, their names are Mrs Levi and Mrs Kaur.
They arrived on 7.6.14. They're going to be in room 18 for a week. If you see them around the school give them a great big Dawson welcome.
They have only been with us for one day but already I have learnt that Mrs Levi is  Maori  and Mrs Kaur is Indian. They are at Dawson Primary for the rest of the week because they're studying to become teachers. 
We hope they have fun at Dawson School and one day they will become brilliant teachers.

By Allysa

Friday, 4 April 2014

Interview with Miss Zeier

Today Santana and Cheyeanne went to interview the beautiful Miss Zeier

1) What is your favourite colour? All colours, I'm really indecisive today but I'll say blue

2) Where did you grow up? Opotiki

3) What primary did you go to? St Joseph's School 

4) Who is your favourite singer? I like all music at the moment but I love One Republic 

5)What is your favourite food? Pasta, the same as Miss Karaka

6)Where would you like to travel? Vietnam and Canada

7)What do you do in your spare time? Hang out with friends, watch movies, read, go shopping
or on adventures

Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions Miss Zeier. We hope Room 12 are being super duper awesome for you.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fun in theSandpit

This is our school sandpit. Room 18 wrote descriptions about the sandpit and then we went to play in it. It was fun!!
                                      Santana,Cheyeanne and Dayton were building a sandcastle. Great team work!

                                         On the left you can see Larika, Jasmine, Piri, Konelio and Macario playing in the sandpit. The sand feels like grains of salt.  This is Peter and Dayton having fun in the sanpit. Peter made Dayon's legs disappear by burying them in the sand.

By Santana and Larika

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Colour Poem

                          Thursday 6 March 2014

                      White looks like a stormy cloud.
                       White sounds like an eerie ghost.

                        White smells like freshly dried paint.
                          White tastes like a frothy milkshake.
                            White feels like the creeping fog.


Weekend Adventure

In the weekend my mum had to go work. She finished work at 2.30 pm so when she returned home she said she would take my brother and I to Rainbows End.

The first ride I went on was the pirate ship. When I got higher and higher all i could hear was Leon screaming. I was screaming too.

After that we went on the invader. My mum was screaming because she is scared of heights. 

I had a great day with my family and I hope we get to go again soon.

Colour Red

Red is my favourite colour.

Red is shiny like a beautiful ruby.

Red is on the Samoan flag.

Red is also the colour of our blood.

These are some of the reasons why my favourite colour is red.