Wednesday 18 June 2014

How a Toaster Works

A toaster is a machine that turns bread into toast.

 Have you ever wondered how a toaster works?

First  you put 4 pieces of bread into the toaster.

Put the plug in the wall and then you switch it on.

Push the lever down and wait.Once the toast pops up take them out and put them on the plate.

Now you know how a toaster machine works and you can make your own toast at home!


A plant is something that grows out of the ground as in flowers, bushes, trees and vegetables.

Have you ever wondered how plants grow?

Firstly, you dig a hole and bury the seed.

Secondly, you water the seed.

Thirdly, the sun comes out to warm the plants.

Next, the plant grows up.

Then, the seed becomes a flower.


Milk is white liquid that we can drink.

How is milk made?

Cows make milk and it goes to the factory.
The milk goes in holding tanks and then the separating machine. The cream  and the milk is separated to make different milks.

Next it  is homogenised which means it is broken into tiny pieces. Now it is pasteurised. This is when the milk is heated and cooled down quickly.

Finally the milk is put in to bottles and sent to the shop for us to buy!

Monday 9 June 2014

Egyptian Mummies

In Egyptian times they preserved  dead people and animals by mummifying them.

Have you ever wondered how  a mummy is made?

First of all they wash the body in a tent, then they remove all the organs and put them into jars.

Next a person would pull the brain out through the nose.

They filled the body with rags or sawdust then buried them for 40 days so that they could dry.

After 40 days  they dug up the body then rub the skin with oils and jewelry was put on the body.

They wrap the body, then put charms on it so the body would be protected from evil.

They put a wooden mask on the head so the soul could recognise the body when it returned.

Finally they put the body in a coffin, then put the coffin a tomb for eternity.

Now thousands and millions of years later people are discovering them and learning what they
looked like and how they lived.

See how it works by clicking on this link and creating your own mummy, enjoy!


The most common place where you would find mummies is Egypt. Most dead animals and people were preserved in Egypt which means that they kept the body as fresh as possible.
Have you ever wondered how a mummy was made?

The mummy is put onto a bed, then someone will wash the body to make it look clean and fresh then let the body dry. When the organs are removed they were put into a jar. After wards they would use a hook and attach it to the brain. The brain would be yanked out through the nose.

As the person is taking out the organs they would leave the heart in the body because the heart is important. Meanwhile they would stuff cloths or saw dust into the body to replace the organs. After 40 days of being left to dry they would massage fresh smelling oils onto the body to make it smell nice. Next the only thing they had to do was put them into a coffin and then the coffin into a tomb.

Nowadays people are discovering mummies and from these remains they are able to learn about how the Egyptian people lived and what they looked like.

Egytian Mummies

Many years ago people were preserved by their own people. Their organs were taken out and put into canopic jars.This was called mummification.

Have you ever wondered how mummies were made?

First the mummies body was washed in a special tent called an ibu. They removed the organs out of the mummy and the organs were placed into canopic jars. They used a hook through the nose and pulled the brain out in little pieces until the brain was fully out.

The Egyptian mummy was stuffed with rags and sawdust and dried for 40 days where the body was then massaged with nice smelling oils to soften the skin. Alot of beautiful jewels were placed on the mummy.

The mummy was wrapped up with bandages, not toilet paper! Then charms were placed between the bandages. Next they would paint a death mask and put it on the head. From there the mummy was placed into a coffin and then a tomb.

These days people discover the mummies which help them to research how Egyptians lived and what they looked like.


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Buddy Blogging

Friday 6th June

This afternoon half of room 18 went to room 5 and half of room 5 went to room 18. The students of room 18 are becoming super bloggers so we got together with room 5 to teach them how to leave comments on other classes blogs. This weeks class blog was room 15, it was fun looking at what they have been doing in their class. Room 5 students listened really well but they will still need lots of help and support!