Monday 28 July 2014


A dog is a mammal which is often kept as a pet.

What do dogs look like?
A dog has fur on it. They have four legs. On their legs they have paws. Where the paws are you can find their claws.Their claws are as sharp as a knife. Dogs have white whiskers. Dogs come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and breeds.

Where do you find dogs?

You can find dogs in houses.
Unfortunately some dogs go wondering around on the road or street. You can find dogs in pet shops. When a dog is sick pet owners would take them to the vet. 
Dogs that wonder around on the street get taken to the pound .

What do dogs do?
Some dogs bark. A sheep dog is a dog that gathers all the sheep so that the farmers can shave the sheep's wool. A guide dog is a dog that looks after blind people. Sniffer dogs are usually at the airport. They sniff people who bring drugs to our country. Police dogs stop criminals from stealing.

Dogs are very helpful and useful. They are good to be kept as a pet!!

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