Sunday 6 September 2015

Movie Madness

Two years ago when it was my 7th birthday my uncle and cousins, Junior and Christiaan, accompained me to the movies.

When we journeyed to the movies we got our tickets and then we were waiting in line for our popcorn... it was boring. It was finally our turn to order! We ordered some blue bird chips, popcorn, ice cream and raspberry drinks.

After that we went up stairs to wait for our movie, we were going to watch Transformers 2. I was excited because it was my first time watching Transformers 2. The theatre was being cleaned up so we had to wait. When it was finished we went inside and it was dark withmany  people.

Later that evening my uncle said to me and my cousins, "Do you guys want some Burger King?" We said, "Yes please Uncle!" Then my uncle ordered some cheeseburgers and big macs.

It was the best day ever!

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