Wednesday 22 June 2016

Story Time!!

What's Happening in Room 18

In Room 18 we were reading some Roald Dahl books, such as the BFG and The Witches. They are wonderful books. We read the BFG first then The Witches.

The BFG was about a Big Friendly Giant (that's what BFG stands for). The story told about the BFG being friends with a little girl named Sophie. She is a girl who lost her parents when she was little. 

Anyway, The Witches is about lots of witches turning children into mice because if they had a shower or they're clean, the witches would smell them as dogs droppings. The witches had a poison called the mouse maker and i forgot the last bit. The character's names are Bruno Jenkins and the main character's boys name was never told. The witches turn Bruno Jenkins and the boy into mice. The boy and bruno jenkins live like that forever, but then the boy and the Grandma turn all of the witches in England into mice forever. 
And that's how they saved the world!


  1. I like this book because it brings life back to me.

  2. I like this book based on its topic because it has a lot imaginary.
    The Bfg is the best Rohlad dahl book ever