Tuesday 8 April 2014

Ationa Faira

Hi my name is Ationa Faira. My favouite food is chcolate and KFC. My all time favouite pet to have would be a horse but I love little cats too. My favouite colours are red and green.I love my family.


  1. HI! Atino faira, my name is Jina. how old are you? Im 9 yeas old.
    I like ride a bike and swimming. my favorite drik is milk shake.
    what do you like? my favorite animal is chicken and giraffe.
    I like fiower. I like sun flower. what do you like?
    I live city. do you live country? lots of tree?
    We are pen pals friend!
    ( from Jina)

    1. My name is ationa my favourite animal is hores and a puppy. my age is 10 my favourite drink is any drink. by ationa

  2. Hi Ationa! I hope one day you get to get your dream pet! I have never been horse back riding either! I sure would love to try!
    Miss P