Monday 11 August 2014


A crocodile is a reptile that use to live when the dinosaurs were alive. They are very, very, very uncanny.

A crocodile has very terrifying teeth. They have rough bumpy scales that go up to their tail. Crocodiles have short stumpy legs and a long green snout.

Crocodiles love living in fresh water. You usually find crocodiles in lakes or swamps. They also live in countries such as Africa, America and Australia. In New Zealand you will have to go to the zoo to see one.

Crocodiles eat tasty meat. They can clean the flesh off the bones from animals they eat. Crocodiles are very suspicious because when they go hunting for food they camoflague themselves in the green long grass.

I think that crocodiles are very mean and disgusting.

By Ioana.

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  1. Thanks Ioana! Those were some interesting facts about an interesting creature!