Monday 11 August 2014

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are a reptile, also known as the Komodo Monitor. It is the largest species of lizard ever found.

Komodo Dragons have a rough sandpaper like skin. Its four stumpy legs help it sprint after its prey. Their teeth are long and thick. Its muscular tail helps it balance when it is moving.The claws of a Komodo Dragon are curved so it can grip on to the ground.

Thousands or maybe millions of years ago, Komodo dragons used to live in Australia but they died out. Nowadays, if you want to  find Komodo dragons you have to travel to the small island of Borneo. If you want to find Komodo dragons somewhere else you may be lucky to find them at the zoo.

Komodo dragons kill prey with bacteria. When they eat, bits of flesh are left in their teeth and rots leaving bacteria in their mouth. If a Komodo dragons prey survives it will die later on due to an infection in its wound. Its claws grip onto flesh which helps Komodo dragons to tackle its prey to the ground.

I think Komodo dragons are fascinating but I'm glad they don't live in New Zealand.

By Zac

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