Monday 11 August 2014

Daffy The Goose

It was our turn to do cooking and gardening and that's when I saw her, Daffy the goose. She was shy and I was scared. I was so scared I thought she was going to bite my fingers off. But then I was not felling scared and I'm sure she was not felling scared too. I tried to pat her on the back and she let me but she kept running away. Next I gave her some apples that she could feast on. She was just ripping them apart, I pretty sure she liked them.

Then Miss Karaka wanted to pat the goose too but she was also scared.

Next I gave her some water and and then I drummed for her. She jumped out of her compost box and wanted to play hide and seek. Maybe she didn't want to listen to my drumming?


  1. Your lucky! What did you make at cooking and gardening Amethyst? Did you get to name it?

    1. yes i did i named it after the
      funniest duck on loony tunes

      from Amethyst