Sunday 9 August 2015

A trip to the Zoo

Yesterday the years 5&6 went on a trip to the Zoo to investigate fingerprints of different type of animals .The first thing we did was we got split in to four groups and we went on the bus to go to the Zoo.When we got there we walked in and all of the year 5&6s  came together on a little field we talked about whats gonna happen during school time.Then we got to walk around the Zoo and take a look at all the animals and what they look like.But when we got to the alligator I got scared and I didn't want to cross the bridge but it was sleeping so I walked as fast as I could and I tried not to look at it.Then we went to see the elephant and then there were heaps of chickens walking around.

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  1. Great job room 18. I really like your story about your zoo trip