Sunday 9 August 2015

At The Zoo

On Monday the year 5 & 6's our teachers split us up into groups . I was in Mrs Evans Group! :) Yay!! and I was with Denarius , Drago , Jonathan , Wanika & Beverlyn ... then year 5 & 6's sat on the court to wait for the bus's to come . when the bus's came we all stood up and got on the bus then we were going on a trip to Auckland zoo . On the bus we were all talking and the bus driver put on some old school songs... When we got to the Auckland zoo we had to wait for the other bus's since we were the first ones there . After when the other bus's came I was EXCITED!!! to see animals for the first time . We all were at a grassy place and a lady said "Who is excited to see animals today" . We all put our hands up!! . Then we all went out own ways first my group  Mrs Evans said "Are any of you guy's hungry " and I said "YES!!" . I ate some of my lunch and then we were going.

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