Monday 3 August 2015

cooking and gardenig

Some of room 18 went to cooking and some went to gardening. I went to cooking as soon as I got in the kitchen me and my team got the chopping boards  out and then started to get the veges out and then put the veges on the chopping board, secondly I got the knifes out and then started to chop the veges.

Then started to turned  the power on for the pan then we put the veges in the pan and then got the pastry then got a bowl of water. Then we started to put the veges on the pastry  and put it on the pan then slowly started to clean up then waited for the dumplings to

 cook. Then we started to set the table we had lemon to drink Fusi did a thanking for the people who helped us cook then Navneet did a karakia .

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