Monday 24 March 2014

Writing Competition

League in Libraries

Ever wanted to be the author of your own book? Well, now is your chance!

During week 9 the children in Room 18 will work with their learning buddies to write their very own book. There is just one catch, it needs to include the 'Vodafone Warriors'.

Don't know much about the Vodafone Warriors or you want to learn more about them?

This is a link to the Vodafone Warriors website where you can do some background research. This might help you and your learning buddy to come up with some ideas that you might use in your story

This is a link to all the players and their individual profiles. Here you may choose one of the players as your main character or you might even choose a few players to appear in your story.

What could your book be about? Here are just a few ideas to get you started...
*Warriors as children
*Warriors family tales
*The unknown Warrior
*Game Day
*Warriors at the Library
*Warriors in the Neighbourhood
*The Warriors Rescue
*The big day out
*Warriors adventure

-Your final story needs to be written or typed but does not need to be presented as a book
-One overall winning story from all the entries will be published in to a book
-8 winning classes will get the chance to win the Vodafone Warriors

Get cracking and good luck!

Miss Karaka signing off

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