Thursday 6 March 2014

Waiheke Trip

Thursday 6 March

WALT write a recount in the correct order

Waiheke Trip

On Monday most of the year 6's went to Waiheke.

On the trip they had to go on a bus to the ferry terminal because they were going on a ferry. When they were on the ferry the year 6 students thought it was so cool because the sea was beautiful and they could see Rangitoto.

After that they went on a double decker bus to the beach so they could pick up rubbish.

Lastly they went back on the ferry which took them back to Half Moon Bay. From there they caught the bus and arrived back at school.

All the year 6 students had a great day.

By Tanginoa and Serenity


  1. You must have had fun! You would have felt exhausted! From Room 11

  2. wow bet you guys had fun at waiheke island i wish i could come to waiheke island what was the most funest thing?

    by Selita in room 21

  3. Going on the ferry ride because we got to see the ocean have you ever been on a ferry ride?By Serenity