Sunday 21 September 2014



I strongly believe that children all around the world should read!

Firstly, reading helps children to grow up and get a good job which means when they are older they will be driving a flash car, live in a flash house and they will pay their bills.

Secondly, when children grow up and travel the world  there are a lot of signs that they will have to read. If they cannot read these signs they will find themselves lost in a foreign land.

Thirdly, reading is important because it helps us in many ways. For example, we read instructions to build or make things, we read maps to get from one place to another, we read the tv guide so we know what time our favourite shows are on and we read prices at the supermarket so we know how much money we are spending.

These are some of the reasons why I think  children should read, I rest my case!

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