Thursday 4 September 2014

Splashing Swimming Pools

                                     Tuesday 19 August 2014

I am at the Otara pools with my family. It is a sunny day, it's a good day for swimming.

I can see

As I sit down by my family I see people splashing in the water having fun. I can see lifeguards watching out for people like they're their prey. 

I can smell

As I stand beside the pool the scent of chlorine lingers through the air. As I walk past the changing room I smell shampoo lingering  into the air while people are having their shower.  I smell my sunscreen which I've put on so  I won't get badly burnt by the sun. I see people having their picnic's outside of the pool and having fun.

I can hear

I hear kids screaming because they do not want to get out of the water. And I hear lifeguards saying, "STOP RUNNING around or else you will slip."


I'm thinking to myself what's for lunch? Should I do a bomb? When am I going home? 

I'm having lots and lots of fun.


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