Sunday 21 September 2014

Lollies at school

I agree that lollies should be allowed at school.

Firstly, we should have lollies at school because kids would enjoy going to school if they knew they could bring lollies to school. This means kids won't be angry because they can eat lollies at school.

Secondly, they will like their teacher because they know that the teacher will let them eat lollies. This means you can eat lollies and sweets in class and build a good relationship with your teacher.

Lastly, if you bring lollies to school you won't get in trouble because it would be normal and acceptable. This means teacher's will have one less thing to worry about.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I firmly think children are allowed lollies at school.


  1. You both make some interesting points Amethyst and Peter but we just learnt in the Health Caravan that sugar bugs LOVE lollies and if we eat lollies every day we might not have any teeth by the time we get older?

  2. thank you for the things that you did

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