Thursday 4 September 2014

Swimming Pool Fun!

It is a really hot sunny Saturday afternoon. I am at Parakai Springs with my family.

I can see

I can see people splashing around in the water. I see swimmers doing lots and lots of laps. The water glistens like diamonds. The lifeguards watch like a falcon stalks its prey.

I can smell

The really strong smell of chlorine lingers around the pool. I can smell sunscreen on lots of people. The really nice aroma of soap and shampoo fills the bathroom as it floats from the shower.

I can hear

The lifeguard shouts at the people, "Stop Running!"The sprinkling sound of the shower is common near the bathroom. I hear people chatting away like old women. I hear cannonballs and dives, splashes and people munching and crunching on tasty food.

I am thinking

Should i do a bomb? What is for lunch? When will we go home? All theses thoughts wonder my mind like travellers.

I am having so much fun, I hope it will never end!

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