Monday 17 October 2016


A dolphin is a mammal that lives under water.
A dolphin is a mammal that has a dorsal fin, a 
blowhole,a melon shaped forehead,a tail,blubber,
flippers and a beak. Dolphins live in oceans,seas
and lakes. Dolphins eat mackarel or mullet,
crustaceans (cralos),fish animal plankton,plant
plankton and squids. A dolphin is pregnant for 
twelve months. The calves can swim straight away
Dolphins have calves every two to four years.
Flippers are used for steering and for
communicating by touch. Dolphins use click
like sounds mainly to hunt for their prey. They
also whistle and squeak. Dolphins are kind sea
animals that look out for each other. They are
good at swimming and you would be lucky to see 

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