Sunday 30 October 2016

An Unexpected Visitor!

Last week, during a routine lesson, Mrs Northey was interrupted by an unexpected prickly visitor shuffling along the deck between R17 & R18...a hedgehog!

Mrs Northey tried to coax it into Fogavai's spacious shoe, but it was too frightened. Instead, Helena sacrificed her jumper and Mrs Northey wrapped the spiky fella in a cocoon of material. Gently lifting 'Prickle' (as we named him) up, we took him/her to Whaea Tepura to ask advice. We learnt a few things during this time:
* Hedgehogs love eating snails and slugs, which means they are friends to our gardens.
* Bread and/or milk is not okay for them to eat - it will make them very sick!

We decided to place Prickle in the butterfly garden because it had a higher chance of not being trampled on by students at morning tea time. Room 18 enjoyed patiently watching Prickle surface from the confines of Helena's jumper. He took one sniff of the rotting pear we provided him then scampered off into the flax bushes.

Good luck little guy!

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