Monday 17 October 2016

The Glass House

Stomp! Stomp!wondering around town looking at the wonderful,colorful lights.Seeing the humongous bridge and the long sky tower.Wondering around. Oh!! look at that cool as glass house with the colorful lights.I tried opening the doors and it opened.I went in and there were lots of lamps.I kept looking around and I saw a tree that was colorful with heaps of bugs that light up.Then I sat there for a while staring at all of the lights.My mum came running what is this place?I said to her its a beautiful glass house.WOW!! my mum said.We kept looking around for a while.We left and from that day we would come every night and look at it.This  was the best thing I have ever seen.I don't want to leave it never ever in my life.

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