Thursday 8 May 2014

How to make a Robot

If you follow these steps you will make yourself a robot.

You will need:
plastic parts from a toy robot
large car battery
two rubber copper wires
paint/if you want
two led bulbs

step 1: Connect the copper rubber wires with the battery 
step 2: Get the plastic robot head and attach the led bulbs to it
step 3: Construct the body with the rest of the plastic any way you want
step 4: Connect all the plastic and make sure it is attached well
step 5: Use your imagination and make the rest of the body how you like
step 6: Attach the copper wires to your arms, head and legs
step 7: Put the large car battery in the center which becomes the robots heart
step 8: Attach the wires to the robots heart and it will start to charge up, soon the led bulbs will turn on

Tip: If the led bulbs light up you're on the right track!


  1. that looks fun building a robot.

  2. I hope when make a robot it make,s me food by Raphael

  3. You are very clever students! Even with your great instructions,I not sure that I would be able to get a robot going properly.

  4. I like the robot you made. It looks cool!

    Ciprein from Room11

  5. that robot is owen room 12

  6. what a lovely robot that you build.

    by rita rm12