Thursday 8 May 2014

Mrs Harding

The beautiful lady is Mrs Harding.
 She is the DP of Dawson Primary School. 
Mrs Harding's favourite colour is green and orange but she really loves the colour green. 
Mrs Harding has been the DP (Deputy principal) at Dawson Primary School for a while now and she is doing a great job.
We like when she gives out the prize packs at our senior assembly.


  1. What great photographers you are! I enjoy the assemblies I go to-we have some very talented students here at Dawson. I particularly like giving out prizes and this week I have 58 attendance prizes to give out!!If you want one next term, just come to school everyday... it's that easy!

  2. Can you send a video of you and your friends singing.I miss your beautiful voice. From Courage