Wednesday 14 May 2014

The Worm farm


This is Apryl reading the instuctions for the worm farm with Amethyst and Piri listening carefully.

These are the instructions for the worm tray and how to build it.
These are the worms in the soil that they are going to put in the tray.
This is everyone working as a team pouring the water into the tray.

This is the worms food and it's pretty much what they eat.
This is one thousand worms being put in to the try. Miss Davies was lovely enough to get the worms for us.
Now to leave the worms for a few days to get use to their new home before we start feeding them out scrapes. I wonder what food they like to eat?


  1. how was it? was it good all bad? Dayton room 18

  2. Did you like touching the slimy worms?

  3. Yes i did like touching the worms. Well i had to because Miss Maika and Apryl was to scared to do it. From Courage

  4. It was hard work, but we got through it and it all goes to Miss Maika, Courage, Amethyst,Piri, Konelio and well me Apryl. But the worst part was seeing Courage and Amethyst fold in the worms into the worm food. I'm pretty sure I speak for me and Miss Maika when I say it was the worst part.

    From Apryl

  5. Hi Stella, my son's girlfriend brought round 8 containers of worm wee for me to pour into my hanging flower baskets and guess what? My flowers are looking fantastic!! SO, if your worms make wee, please let me know and I will buy some from you! That sounds a bit yuck doesn't it??
    Mrs Brass

  6. Wow its good to see everyone working so hard.From Stella.

  7. Was it fun working with the worms.

  8. Was it fun working with the cool worms by macario