Wednesday 14 May 2014

How to Draw a House

If you follow these instructions you will draw a house.

You will need:
a pencil
coloring pencils
A4 paper
a ruler

Step 1-Draw a square in the middle of the paper. 
Step 2-Draw a triangle on top of the square.
Step 3-Draw 2 small squares in the top corners of the big square.
Step 4-Draw 2 plus signs inside the small square.
Step 5-Draw stripes in the triangle going across instead of up and down.
Step 6-Draw a chimney on the roof of the house.    
Step 7-Draw a little rectangle for the door and a small circle for the door handle. 
Step 8-Draw flowers beside the house.
Step 9-Colour in the picture.

Check:Your house should look pretty and colorful.


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