Thursday 22 May 2014

Farewell to Ioana

A few weeks ago our class mate Ioana left Dawson school to go to a school closer to her house.

Apryl, Courage and Stella were very close with Ioana. Courage first met Ioana at the 2013 family fun day. Apryl and Stella met Ioana in Room 17.

Ioana was a splendid, sensational, awesome, stunning, spectacular friend and singer. She was also an amazing sports player.

Miss Karaka misses Ioana's beautiful voice and smile!!! She was very good at being a supportive class mate. When someone was feeling down she would cheer them up with her beautiful smile. As well as being a good class mate she was an even better and AMAZING BEST friend.   

Ioana is sadly missed by her class mates and her BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!

By Courage and Apryl


  1. That's sad to see your friend leave you got the same problem as me.

    Heta Room15

  2. Awww so sad to your best friend go,I hope you get to see her around Dawson

    Teokotai Room15

  3. Ioana will be missed by many of us at Dawson. I remember her beautiful smile and her fantastic singing voice!!

  4. we miss u very much Tyrone

  5. Thank you very much.By Courage